Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I want to collaborate with the VIA Institute in some way?

It is important to be clear with what you have in mind, as each individual has a unique picture as to what they are hoping for with a collaboration. We want to ensure that good fitting ideas are not lost in the shuffle. Here are some examples you can review to see where you might best fit:  
• The person is interested in conducting their own research. E.g., they want to give the VIA Survey to their employees, clients, etc. and want to study them as a group, and collate/aggregate the data. Yes, individuals can receive a research code for this. Or, the person wants to conduct other research for their dissertation, master’s thesis, or some other work project. VIA’s response to any requests under this point: That is great! Please go to this link on the VIA Institute site and submit the form requesting a research code. Additional queries relating to this can be directed to Kelly Aluise, VIA Communications Specialist at
• The person is looking for grant dollars to support a project relating to character strengths and/or positive psychology. This is a fair question, however, VIA is a non-profit organization and does not give out grants through an application process or call for proposals.
• The person does not have anything specific in mind; they want to brainstorm ideas. Because of the breadth of requests and ideas and projects VIA works with, it is best to have a good level of clarification that can be laid out in writing.
• The person is interested in VIA giving a presentation or consultation to their group/institution or co-authoring something with VIA. VIA’s response will be based on a number of factors, including the type/scope of the project, insights from the VIA team, the time/availability of VIA staff that are the best match for it, and the availability of additional, external collaborators/consultants. For this, the person should make specific as many details as possible; send info to Ryan Niemiec, VIA Education Director, at 
• The person has some specific ideas in mind for some other collaboration with VIA, and the project is of mutual benefit, does not involve grants, and it supports or extends VIA’s mission to educate the world about character strengths. The person should write out what their “ideal” collaboration would look like, speculate on potential roles, time involvement, and the intended benefit to themselves (their group), to VIA, and to the public.


Further questions?

Contact the VIA Institute: 

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