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Does the VIA report hold across multiple life situations or are your strengths situation-specific?

Strengths are expressed in situations and may vary to a degree based on who we are with, what our intentions are, etc. But, it’s important to know that our strengths are at our core so if we are expressing ourselves authentically, we are likely to be bringing across similar strengths but perhaps in a different way – e.g., the expression of humor or kindness will look different at a funeral home, at a sporting event, or in one’s own home – but the kindness and humor are probably still being expressed to some degree. How much the results change will vary by the individual. In one study, gratitude, hope, kindness, leadership, love, spirituality, and teamwork all increased in a U.S. sample (but not a European sample) two months after the September 11th (2001) attack on the World Trade Center in New York City; ten months after September 11th, these character strengths were still elevated but to a lesser degree (Peterson & Seligman, 2003).


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