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The suggestion to find some ways to increase the use of top strengths in "new ways" has me baffled. I cannot think of new ways to use my curiosity. I am overwhelmed right now in subjects that I am "curious" about. I have books and books to read on so many subjects. I am at risk of becoming a jack-of-all-trades-and-a-master-at-none. Is it possible that the core values can sometimes be a liability?

Perhaps you might use your curiosity to examine novel ways to balance or tame your curiosity in some situations? How might you channel your curiosity toward doing those things that will help you reach your goals? Might you be curious about what book or article you are most curious to read and start there? If we let them, our greatest strengths can become a liability. But if we apply our strengths with wisdom and mindfulness and we are self-compassionate along the way then we will find ourselves a lot further along the journey.


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