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Take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths: Use Your Code to Get a Free Detailed Personal Strengths Report ($20 value)

Click the button below to take the VIA character strength survey.  You will be asked to enter the code you received at the end of the survey to get your personal strengths report. This free report is offered to education leaders as part of the 5 to Thrive Challenge and a partnership between Mayerson Academy and VIA Institute on Character. By using this code to receive your free VIA Me report, you give permission to the VIA Institute to share your email address with the Mayerson Academy


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Character strengths are the positive parts of your personality that impact how you think, feel and behave.  They are the keys to you bringing your best self to your school community and transforming your culture.  Every individual possesses 24 character strengths in varying degrees, giving each person a unique character profile.  The VIA Survey of Character Strengths has been used in hundreds of research studies and has been taken by over 5 million people in over 190 countries.