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Which Well-Being Strategy Works Better?

Should you focus on exercising your signature strengths or boosting your lesser strengths?

The answer: BOTH! 

(But, top strengths *win* a little…)

Your signature strengths are the qualities that are natural and energizing for you to express. It’s almost like being with an old, trusted friend—you are being authentically you. Therefore, it’s no surprise that finding more outlets and experiences to exert those strengths can make you happier. In fact, research studies have found that people who use 1 of their signature strengths in a new way each day for 1 week experience increases in happiness for 6 months! So, yes, focusing most of your time and energy on using your signature strengths might be the easiest and most fulfilling pathway to greater wellness, but we’re here to tell you, you can’t neglect the power of your “underdogs”. 

Researchers have discovered that targeting specific character strengths, no matter where they fall in your profile, is a beneficial and worthwhile activity. It’s true, your lesser strengths don’t come as easily to you, but they are still capacities that you can express and develop with practice. 

Since your lesser strengths are not as core to your identity, you might have some questions about how to best express them. Our suggestion: use the strengths that ARE core to you! VIA provides a Report Package to give you in-depth, research-based information on your top and bottom strengths. Using these reports, explore how your strong strengths can help you boost one of your lesser strengths. When you focus on using one character strength and another one “comes along for the ride” and is also boosted, this is referred to as the towing effect. For example, can infusing more Curiosity into your morning drive increase your Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence? How can your strength of Gratitude lead to more Humility?

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Using strengths in your work with others can provide a new language and framework for helping them reach their goals and find greater well-being. 


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