Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice Retreat

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice Retreat

Friday, February 22, 2019; 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM EST

$100 USD

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Join Us:

The current cohort experiencing the 8-week MBSP program will be participating in the online retreat on Febraury 22. We open the doors to anyone - past MBSP participants or those new to MBSP - to deepen their practice and experience mindfulness and character strengths in the routines of daily life with us.

Retreat Overview:

With the distractions of social media, e-mail, the Internet, and our busy work and personal life, we quickly lose touch with the present moment. At times, we feel irritable, worried, and stressed. We are reactive or sensitive to the words and actions of others. We isolate, we beat ourselves up, we are less than kind to others. We are not ourselves. We are off in the autopilot part of our mind, disengaged, disconnected, and perhaps overwhelmed.  Mindfulness can help us return – return back to our present moment – our home. This is where we re-discover ourselves. We experience and enjoy our breathing, our 5 senses, and our interactions with others. We return to who we are – our core character strengths.

We can return back “home” to ourselves, over and over during the day. This is part of our practice on a retreat. Retreats give us the opportunity to refresh ourselves, rejuvenating ourselves with our breath and our core strengths. We practice shifting ourselves from distracted living to mindful living. In this way, a retreat is special and potentially transformative as we transform moments of mindlessness into moments of mindfulness. At the same time, a retreat is nothing special at all: we are eating, walking, standing, sitting, creating, and talking. It is simultaneously mundane and insightful. Calming and energizing. Simple yet powerful.

Come see for yourself and connect with our growing MBSP community! You will learn, practice, experience, and discuss mindfulness and strengths throughout the day. Each half-day will have different forms of mindfulness meditation, didactic input, small group discussion, and free time for experimenting.

If you have attended any or all of the MBSP courses, please join us! If you have attended zero MBSP or VIA courses, come join us! The Retreat is open to everyone as a standalone offering on Friday, February 22 from 8:00 AM- 1:00 PM EST.


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Q & A:

Can you really do a retreat online? Shouldn’t you be in a beautiful setting in the forest or along the ocean or lake?
Sure. Beautiful settings are a wonderful place to practice and cultivate mindfulness and strengths use. But, our setting should not dictate whether or not we are mindful. Your mindfulness can be expressed wherever you are. We spend most of our days in settings relating to home and work so why not practice mindfulness and strengths use in those settings? That will make your future application more abundant. Past participants in MBSP Retreats online with Ryan through the VIA Institute have been stunned by how user-friendly and beneficial an online retreat can be. There are numerous stories of personal transformation that have emerged from these online retreats.

What should I bring to the MBSP Retreat?
Nothing is required to bring. We’ll be doing gentle movements so comfortable clothes may be helpful. For the mindful eating element, you’ll be invited to mindfully prepare your food, snack, or drink so take that into consideration with the timing per your time zone and whether you’ll be at home, work, or elsewhere (this is relevant if you’re attending the full-day retreat or the half-day morning retreat). But, most of all, bring an open, curious, and accepting mind.  

Will a recording be available?
Yes. If you suddenly have to miss all or part of the retreat you signed up for or you wish to listen to it again, you will have 3-months of access to a recording of the retreat, courtesy of eMindful.


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Course Faculty:

Dr. Ryan M. Niemiec is education director of the VIA Institute on Character. He is the creator of the evidence-based Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) program and author of Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing.