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Learn how you can use your character strengths to reach your full potential.

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VIA Me! Report

VIA ME! Report

Only $20 USD

This report presents character strengths as signature, middle and lesser and provides activities and tips on how and when to use the strengths in each category.

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VIA ME! Youth Report

Only $10 USD

A kid-friendly review of signature, middle and lesser character strengths including tips, activities and quotes. Supplemental guides for teachers and parents are included for free!

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VIA PRO Report

Only $40 USD

The VIA Pro Report focuses exclusively and extensively on signature strengths. Studies show that using these strengths increases engagement, happiness and well-being.

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VIA PRO Team Report

Only $15 USD per team member. (min. 3 members)

Use character strengths to better understand the dynamics and improve upon the performance of any team or group configuration.

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VIA ME! & VIA PRO Report Package

When used together, the VIA Me and VIA Pro Report will provide the most well-rounded and thorough review of your character strengths. Only $50 USD


Upgrade Your VIA Pro Report

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VIA Pro& Lesser Report

$50 USD

Add a Lesser Strengths Report to your VIA Pro to learn how to boost your lesser strengths with our strengths-building tips.

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VIA Pro& Comparison Report

$45 USD

Add a Comparison Report to your VIA Pro to discover how similar or different you are from others in the same geographic region and demographic categories.

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VIA ProPlus Lesser & Comparison Reports

$55 USD

Get the complete upgrade with both VIA Pro supplemental reports.