Customized Webinars and Workshops

Bring Character Strength Applications To Your Organization or Group

The science behind character strengths highlights a descriptive versus prescriptive approach, and likewise there is a not a one-size-fits-all process for integrating character strength applications. There are many different ways character strengths can play a role in helping individuals find greater happiness, overcome setbacks, make progress on their goals and become more engaged in their work. With a VIA customized webinar/workshop your group will get guidance and practices tailored to your specific needs. 

VIA's Education Director, Dr. Ryan Niemiec, has over 15 years of experience teaching, coaching, and leading groups and workshops. He is an expert on the research behind character strengths and the most effective practices for engaging and empowering people to utilize their strengths. With a customized webinar/workshop, Dr. Niemiec would work with you to plan a session that is engaging and informative for your team. Topics can include: character strengths history and research, applying the best character strengths applications to your organization, integrating mindfulness and character strengths, empowering teams with strengths, and more!   

Individuals who take the VIA Survey and discover their character strengths are gaining powerful information that they can  use to build better lives and better organizations. But, having an awareness of your character strengths is just the beginning. Studies now show that it's the use of those character strengths that bring about the greatest change. Schedule a customized webinar or workshop with Dr. Ryan Niemiec to learn how you and your group/organization can get the most out of this transformative science.

Webinar/ Workshop Options

Webinar (online/remote): Using an online platform, such as Go To Webinar, Dr. Niemiec can present to your group for 1-3 hours. Prices vary depending on topic and time. 

Half-Day In-Person Workshop (CINCINNATI REGION ONLY ): Dr. Niemiec would host a face-to-face workshop for your group for up to 4 hours. Rate: $2,500 plus expenses; Non-profit rate: $1,750 plus expenses.

Full-Day In-Person Workshop (CINCINNATI REGION ONLY): Dr. Niemiec would host a face-to-face workshop for your group for up to 8 hours. Rate: $3,500 plus expenses; Non-profit rate: $2,000 plus expenses.


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