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Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact


Human beings have a biological need to be close to others. In fact, studies are showing that relationships might be the most important factor that contributes to our happiness. 


Dr. John Gottman is a world-renowned relationships expert who has studied relationships for 4 decades. Gottman and his team have found that there are certain behaviors that individuals can do to cultivate more meaningful, positive relationships; and we’ve found that these behaviors can be developed by focusing on your strengths and the strengths of the other person. Our Positive Relationships and Character Strengths course guides you through a profound exploration of these behaviors and you can register and get started today. 


According to Gottman, “good relationships aren’t about clear communication—they’re about small moments of attachment and intimacy.” This involves being more mindful of your daily interactions with loved ones. Instead of allowing small, seemingly insignificant moments pass by, take them as an opportunity to use your strengths and smile, laugh, connect or show affection. Show gratitude to your partner for completing a small chore. Give your child a loving hug for no reason. When a close friend or colleague shares good news, curiously ask questions to show your interest and care. These small acts may seem trivial but they build trust and connection. 


Additionally, Gottman has found that people in successful relationships continually look for the positive in the other person. They magnify the other person’s strengths and de-emphasize his/her weaknesses, much like you did during the early stages of your relationship. Take a few moments to review this list of character strengths and circle the ones that you see in your partner, then do the same exercise for your children, friends, colleagues, etc. Reflect on how their actions endorse these characteristics and savor all that you see as good in them. 


A relationship won’t change overnight, but small behaviors can add up to big results. Our experts have outlined a process for making practical behavioral changes to help you improve or further strengthen any of your relationships in our Positive Relationships and Character Strengths online course. Register and get access to all of the materials now. 


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Registration is Now Open for our Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice + Learning to Lead MBSP Course 


There has been a lot of research on the benefits of practicing mindfulness as well as the power of focusing on your character strengths. In this course Dr. Ryan Niemiec will guide you through engaging, experiential activities that allow you to consciously turn inward to understand your strengths and then mindfully use them in all aspects of your life.

After the 8-week MBSP Part I course, we are also offering an optional 4-week, MBSP Part II: Learning to Lead, course for individuals interested in leading MBSP with their groups. Experience MBSP for yourself and then learn how to guide others through this transformative program.


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