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"Tell Me About Yourself..."

It seems easy enough. After all, if anyone should be able to answer this, it’s you, right? But for many people, coming up with a personal elevator pitch can be difficult. What makes you unique? Why are you the right fit for the role and how can you contribute to the overall success of the organization? We’ll tell you for free…

Your Strengths

Your responses to the VIA Survey generated a free, scientific Profile that outlines your rank order listing of strengths (view your Character Strengths Profile). The top portion of your Profile is the perfect outline to help you craft a succinct story to highlight the things you do well. Additionally, we’ve created in-depth VIA Reports based on your unique profile to give you more inspiration to answer this tricky question (get your in-depth Reports). 

For example, here’s how I might look at my in-depth VIA Reports and begin describing myself to an interviewer: 


I’m a “people person”. I’m high in social intelligence so in my personal life I’m always getting friends and family together for dinner parties, movie nights and group sports. Professionally, I use this savvy strength to cater to my clients and make them feel comfortable and understood, which helps me build strong, trusting relationships with them. I also love problem solving. When an issue comes up, I can use judgment, creative thinking and perspective to unpack the issue, analyze different options, and come up with solutions that nobody else has thought of. Lastly, I’m curious and perseverant so I get very excited about taking on new responsibilities and my colleagues and supervisors can always rely on me to get a job done. 

Creating your own personal strengths-based elevator pitch is easy when you have an honest awareness of your strengths and how they can benefit you. Sign in to your VIA account to get your in-depth Reports and create your own pitch to use next time someone wants to learn more about you. 

Looking for a New Job? Going Through a Divorce? Preparing for a Baby?

Big life changes can be overwhelming. Even if you’ve had time to prepare for the event, like a child going off to college, the drastic alteration can still knock the wind out of you. How do you say goodbye to your previous lifestyle and prepare for what's ahead? 

Our experts have created an online course, Navigating Transitions, that reviews a 4-step process that will help you navigate life's twists and turns. In times of uncertainty, it's important to have self confidence and a solid understanding of the qualities that make you special. In this training, our experts will help you uncover these characteristics and use them to forge ahead during times of change. 


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