Your Personalized VIA Me and VIA Pro Reports

VIA Me Report and VIA Pro Report Package


When used together, the VIA Me and VIA Pro Reports will provide the most well-rounded and thorough review of your character strengths.

Research shows that using your character strengths can:

  • Help you find more engagement at work
  • Boost resilience
  • Find greater happiness
  • Improve your relationships

To learn how your strengths can contribute to these outcomes get your in-depth Reports which provide:

  • Key research and in-depth information on your signature strengths
  • Tips for using your signature strengths in new ways
  • In-depth analysis on overusing and underusing your signature strengths
  • …and much more!  

Together these reports provide you with a robust view of what is best in you and how to leverage your strengths to build your best life. The reports are dervived from the results of the free VIA Survey, so if you've taken the survey you have already provided the data. Sign in to your account to get your reports now.

The VIA Me Pathways Report is available in English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Vietnamese. The VIA Pro Report is available in English, Danish, Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese.

Only $50