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The VIA Me! Report

This 18-page booklet vividly captures and details your Signature Strengths - the ones most core to who you are - and offers a overview of your Middle and Lesser strengths, rounding out your personality palette. You'll also benefit from activities, quotes, benefit statements and more to help you put your strengths to good use. This report is a great place to start your strengths journey.

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Report available in English, Dutch, German, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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"I love the layout of the VIA Me Pathways Report with the text blocking, icons and graphics. It is an easy and enticing report to read and I plan to refer to it often. I will recommend this report to others!"

“I love the section on ‘How others see you’. It really validated the strength for me because these are words I have heard others use to describe me!”

“This report is visually appealing and easy to read. I was shocked at how accurate it was describing my traits.”

“My favorite aspects of the VIA Me Report are the ‘Why Does It Matter’ section for the Signature Strengths and the tips for boosting Lesser Strengths. What great ideas!”

“Love the magazine style layout with the snippets of information. I’m keeping a copy at my desk at work and at home. Thank you, thank you!”

“Overall a great product with a variety of useful information that is worth considering and exploring.”

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