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The VIA Pro Report

This 24-page report is VIA’s most popular both with individuals interested in a deep exploration of the strengths that are most core to who they are, and managers, coaches, consultants and educators working to improve the effectiveness and fulfillment of employees, clients and students. The Report explores issues such as overuse/underuse and "hot buttons" for a sophisticated view of how to use the highest character strengths to achieve more at work, in relationships or working through important life changes. The VIA Pro Report includes:

• Helpful explanatory graphs
• In-depth exploration of your core Signature Strengths
• The latest research about each of your Signature Strengths
• Details around the overuse and underuse of your Signature Strengths
• A rank order of all of strengths with raw score averages
• How your strengths fit into the six virtue categories
• Practitioner’s Guide

Many practitioners describe the VIA PRO as providing a powerful jump-start that aids their consulting, therapy and coaching relationships.

Free Practitioner's Guide

The VIA PRO Character Strengths Report is accompanied by a free 12 page Practitioner’s Guide. It offers qualified practitioners a guide to gleaning more insight from a client’s VIA PRO Character Strengths Report. Its goal is to provide practitioners with a tool for going beyond the “whats” of a report and beginning to explore the “what nows” of applying the knowledge gained in the VIA PRO Report. It includes key issues to consider, cautions, practical tips, general interventions, and strength-based models for practice.

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Report available in English, Danish, Dutch, Japanese and Portuguese.

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"My favorite part of the VIA Pro Report is the overuse and underuse sections for each of the signature strengths. It's an interesting concept that I can be underplaying one of my core strengths or I might be bringing it forth a little too strongly in some situations.Very enlightening when I think about how it impacts my work and my relationships."

"The overall structure of the report (intro, overview graph, detailed explanations, and additional "other view" graphs) makes it comprehensive and thorough, but also very clear and easy to digest."

"I have every client take the VIA Survey and then I get their personalized VIA Pro Report. It gives me insight into their decisions and behaviors that I wouldn't get otherwise. Often times, they don't even know their own top strengths. This Report gives us prompts for talking about their strengths and how they affect their lives."