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The VIA Me Youth Decoder Report

Never is there a more important time of personal development than when growing up. With so many changes occurring in- and outwardly, knowing character strengths and how to wield them as a kid can be monumentally beneficial…in adapting to the world and helping steer ourselves towards who we ultimately will be. This 20-page report will offer insights, tips, activities and resources to help kids:

• Be Happier
• Have better relationships
• Improve health
• Boost performance
• Accomplish goals

Report available in English only. Available for purchase after completing the VIA Youth Survey for ages (10-17).

View a Supplemental Report on Using the VIA Youth Survey with Children with Intellectual Disabilities Get it for $10 Download a sample

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Bulk Pricing

1-14 reports...................$10 per

15-99reports..............$8 per

100-299 reports................$6 per

300+ reports............$5 per


"I purchased the report for my son who has learning disabilities. We went through the report together and his eyes lit up as we talked through his highest strengths. I had not seen that much pride in his face in a long time."

"The Youth Decoder Report provides a thorough overview of a child's strengths- written in a fun and engaging way. My students loved getting them. I plan to spend even more time on VIA strengths next year."

"My favorite part of the Decoder Report is the section on suggested books, movies and songs that relate to my top strengths."