Character Strength Books

Character Strengths Interventions: A Field Guide for Practitioners


This book is the epitome of positive psychology: it takes the “backbone” of positive psychology– character strengths – and builds a substantive bridge between the science and practice. Working with client’s (and our own) character strengths boosts well-being, fosters resilience, improves relationships, and creates strong, supportive cultures in our practices, classrooms, and organizations. This unique guide brings together the vast experience of the author with the science and the practice of positive psychology in such a way that both new and experienced practitioners will benefit. New practitioners will learn about the core concepts of character and signature strengths and how to fine-tune their approach and troubleshoot. Experienced practitioners will deepen their knowledge about advanced topics such as strengths overuse and collisions, hot button issues, morality, and integrating strengths with savoring, flow, and mindfulness. Hands-on practitioner tips throughout the book provide valuable hints on how to take a truly strengths-based approach. Martin E.P. Seligman, founder of positive pscyhology, said, "this is the GO-TO book for building character." To learn more about this book click here. Visit Hogrefe Publishing or Amazon to purchase: Character Strengths Interventions- Hogrefe; Character Strengths Interventions: A Field Guide for Practitioners


Character Strengths and Virtues


This groundbreaking handbook of character strengths and virtues is the first progress report from a prestigious group of researchers who have undertaken the systematic classification and measurement of widely valued positive traits. It classifies twenty-four specific strengths under six broad virtues that consistently emerge across history and culture: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence. Each strength is thoroughly examined in its own chapter, with special attention to its meaning, explanation, measurement, causes, correlates, consequences, and development across the life span, as well as to strategies for its deliberate cultivation. This book demands the attention of anyone interested in psychology and what it can teach about the good life. Visit Amazon to purchase: Character Strengths and Virtues: A Handbook and Classification


Mindfulness and Character Strengths


Looking for the latest research and practices on character strengths and mindfulness? Curious about how character strengths can supercharge your mindfulness practice? Or how mindfulness can help you deploy your best qualities? Look no further the answers are in this book! At the core of this hands-on resource for psychologists and other practitioners, including educators, coaches, and consultants, is Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP), the first structured program to combine mindfulness with the character strengths laid out in the VIA Institutes classification developed by Drs. Martin E. P. Seligman and Christopher Peterson. Visit Amazon to purchase:  Mindfulness and Character Strengths A Practical Guide to Flourishing


Authentic Strengths


Can happiness and optimal performance be learned?  Positive psychologists say “yes!” As decades of research and hundreds of studies  have now shown, people who express their strengths tend to be happier, engaged, energetic, resilient, less stressed, and higher achievers. No one reaches the top without being led or carried part of the way. Authentic Strengths will help carry you to your highest peaks―your best self.  This book will bring out the best in you and in those you seek to positively influence. Free shipping available for a limited time. Visit New Century Publishing to purchase (VIA receives a  portion of the proceeds from this book when purchased through this link): Authentic Strengths



Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life


This book brings the 24 VIA character strengths to life with stories involving children, teenagers, adults, and elders and occurring in family life and business settings, in the present and in the distant past, in locations from China to the United States to the Middle East. Based on the  unusual premise that a key way to build strength is to act ‘as if’ you  have that strength already, this book includes short passages to read aloud to try on particular character strengths. More than 30 authors contributed stories to this book. Assembled in honor of Chris Peterson, proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to a scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania in honor of the late Christopher Peterson. This scholarship supports the education of future practitioners of positive psychology. Visit Amazon to purchase: Character Strengths Matter: How to Live a Full Life (Positive Psychology News)



Positive Psychology at the Movies: Using Films to Build Virtues and Character Strengths


This is the second edition of the popular book, Positive Psychology at the Movies, and includes dozens of evocative movie images to help discuss key points. This book has three completely new chapters on "PERMA" (positive emotions, engagement,  relationships, meaning, and accomplishment), the 5 core areas of well-being discussed by positive psychologists. It discusses nearly 1,500 positive psychology movies - 400 of them new to this edition. Positive Psychology at the Movies 2 also has more in-depth discussions of film exemplars for each character strength, exploring its dynamics, use for coping, benefits, and now with movie exemplars of overuse and underuse of each strength. Visit Amazon to purchase: Positive Psychology at the Movies: Using Films to Build Virtues and Character Strengths


Your Strengths Blueprint: How to be Engaged, Energized, and Happy at Work


Are you ready to make your work just a little bit easier and a lot more enjoyable? Would you like to unleash the potential of the people in your team? Do you want to enhance your business goals of employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and profitability? Then this book is your blueprint to discovering, developing, and delivering on your strengths at work--those things you're good at and actually enjoy doing. Now is the time to strive for a strengths-fueled future. Discover how to nurture your strengths and unleash your inner potential to find new and exciting pathways at work. Visit Amazon to purchase: Your Strengths Blueprint: How to be Engaged, Energized, and Happy at Work