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Strengths Blindness

Research shows that most people (up to two-thirds) do not have a meaningful awareness of their strengths (Linley, 2008) and all people (100%) have some degree of strengths blindness (Niemiec, 2014).

Why is it so important to sharpen your “strengths vision”? Studies show that people who know and apply their strengths reap great benefits. Discover 3 ways your strengths can make you a better person.


Focusing on your strengths can make you a better:

1. Parent. Partner. Friend. Family Member.

Focus on bringing forth your interpersonal strengths of love, gratitude and kindness and notice how moments with others become more meaningful and special. Apply your strengths of judgment and perspective, both considered to be intrapersonal, and watch how conflicts or disagreements are resolved faster and more amicably. You can get your personalized VIA Pro Report to learn more about your top strengths and how they are categorized as strengths of the heart/mind or interpersonal/intrapersonal here.

Also, when you actively spot strengths and show appreciation for the strengths you observe in others you elevate the way they feel about themselves and you, laying the groundwork for a more positive relationship. Resources, like our VIA online course, Positive Relationships and Character Strengths, provide even more strategies for boosting relationships by focusing on strengths. Learn more here.

2. Employee.

Emotional intelligence has been shown to be a greater predictor of success over IQ and experience. One of the fundamental pieces of emotional intelligence is self-awareness, so knowing your strengths and using those strengths to effectively manage your behaviors and interactions with others. Employers are looking for employees who exhibit strong social skills (teamwork, social intelligence), can keep their emotions steady during times of ambiguity and change (self-regulation, perspective) and are reliable in getting tasks accomplished (perseverance, hope).  Using your VIA Reports as guides, study your strengths, boost your overall self-awareness and become a more valuable player at your organization.  

3. Advocate for Yourself.

During job interviews one of the most commonly asked questions is, “What are your strengths?” You might think that your strengths are things like your ability to stay organized, make connections with clients or create new products or systems. The truth is, these are actions that are made possible by your strengths of prudence, honesty and creativity (among others). Once you are aware of your strengths you can better articulate how they impact all that you do and why you do those things so well!

Get your VIA in-depth reports to learn more about applying your strengths to reach new levels of happiness and success!




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