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The VIA Survey is the only free, online scientific survey of character strengths in the world. We support global researchers using the VIA Survey in their studies by offering the survey and aggregated research data free of charge. Our on-going relationships with researchers and thinkers at the forefront of this field ensure that we remain at the epicenter of this global movement to help advance the science of character strengths. 

We now offer researchers a suite of assessments to measure character strengths. If you are a researcher interested in using one of the VIA Assessments in your study, please click the button below to complete a Research Submission Form. To learn about all of the assessments available to researchers click here

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Regarded as a central tool of positive psychology, the VIA Survey has been used in hundreds of research studies many of which have been presented at academic conferences and printed in peer-reviewed journals. Each week, VIA collaborates with researchers across the globe to provide free access to the VIA Survey and raw data for use in studies ranging from the role of character strengths in romantic relationships to the differences in character strengths among offenders and non-offenders. See a list of current researchers and studiesbeing supported by the VIA Institute.

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