The Science of Character

What Are Your Character Strengths?

Everyone has their own unique character strengths profile—each of the 24 strengths present in every person in different degrees and arrangements. The free VIA Survey provides insight into your strengths, but then what? Character science tells us that focusing on these strengths can have a dramatic impact on all aspects of our lives. When we choose to harness our particular strengths we can find greater success at work, connect deeper with others and make more progress on our goals.

The research and science of character continues to reach new heights. Studies have found that employees who use 4 or more of their signature strengths had more positive work experiences and are more likely to view their work-as-a-calling than those who use less than four. Additionally, character science points to strengths being related to achievement, life satisfaction and more positive relationships.

The Science of Character video below encourages everyone to discover their character strengths and begin utilizing their unique set of strengths to live life to the fullest.

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Help Others Discover Their Character Strengths

VIA offers the only free, online, research-validated survey of character strengths in the world- the VIA Survey (an adult and youth version). We invite everyone to complete this brief (10 minute) survey to discover their own unique constellation of character strengths.

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