A pre-recorded course designed for managers, team leaders, consultants or anyone working with a team that would like to use character strengths to better understand the groups' strengths, areas for improvement, and overall functioning. Exploring your team's interplay of character strengths can help to create synergy, as well as a positive work environment, which can lead to higher performing teams and greater employee engagement. This training will give you the tools you need to begin utilizing your employees' strengths to improve team connectedness and performance.

After this course participants will be able to:
  1. Apply a strength based team report (The VIA Pro Team Report) to a work team, including rationale for a strengths-based perspective and purpose.
  2. Help employees improve engagement through knowledge of their own strengths and those of their co-workers.
  3. Help a work team discover their strengths and improve their functioning using a strength-based report.
  4. Re-frame workplace problems and solutions from a strengths-based perspective.
  5. List three interventions to boost employee engagement , team culture, and team performance.

Session Topics

Key topic areas covered
Team character strengths culture, including character strengths without strong representation
Aligning team strengths with functions
Team members' unique character strength contributions
Strengths of leadership
Perspectives on strengths conflicts

...and so much more!

Please note: Effective July 13, 2020, the VIA Me and the VIA Pro Reports referred to in this course are no longer available. Learn more about the new VIA Total 24 and VIA Top 5 Character Strengths Reports here

ICF: This course provides 3 ICF CCEU's in Resource Development.

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A Free Team Report is included. These are optional benefits and are not required for course participation

Course Faculty

Dr. Neal Mayerson
Neal H. Mayerson received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Utah. His specialties were chronic pain and eating disorders. He worked in hospital, community mental health and private practice settings for 15 years as a psychotherapist. In 1992, Dr. Mayerson was named president of the Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation, a private family foundation, and president of The Mayerson Company, a real estate investment and management company. He is a founder of Hummingbird Coaching Services, a pioneer in the delivery of online coaching services, a company which has been recently purchased by Humana. Neal also produced the award winning CD – Hidden Treasures: A Tribute to King Records – and helped establish hand sanitizers as a consumer product category by introducing the Purell brand. Recently, Neal has published a new book of poems titled [Shrink Rap](https://www.shrinkrapbook.org) and released [several tracks of original music](https://www.shrinkrapbook.org/#i-track-listing).

Dr. Ryan Niemiec
Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, is author or co-author of nine books, an award-winning psychologist and a widely traveled international speaker. Ryan is the creator of MBSP and has led hundreds of mindfulness groups over the last two decades. As education director of the global nonprofit, VIA Institute on Character, he's a leading voice in the education, research, and practice of character strengths. He lives with his family, which includes three young and zestful children, near Cincinnati, Ohio.