Why Top Strengths are the Secret to Your Success

By Kelly Aluise
group of professional women walking together

Everyone possesses 24 character strengths in a different order, giving each person a unique character profile. While all 24 strengths are important, research shows your signature strengths are the most important.

Signature strengths are usually the top 5 strengths from your VIA Survey results, which are further explored in your Top 5 Report. These qualities are central to who you are as a person and are natural and effortless for you to express.

Signature Strengths Matter Most

By nature, your top strengths are energizing for you to use. Not only does it feel good, it’s also how you uniquely add value to the world and those around you. Using your top strengths can have a significant positive impact on your well-being, work and life. Here’s how:

Benefits of Using Signature Strengths

Improves Happiness and Decreases Depression

Like many things in life, it’s easy to overlook or take your top strengths for granted. But, don’t get comfortable in this mindless routine. One of the most cited research articles in all of positive psychology (Seligman, et al. 2005) revealed that people who used their signature strengths in new ways for 1 week were happier and less depressed for up to 6 months!

What are some different ways you can activate your strengths? Try the simple activities suggested to you in your Top 5 Report to breathe new life into the way you express your strengths and get an extra dose of happiness this week.

Strengthens Relationships

Top strengths are the good parts of your personality that people admire and appreciate. They are the reason you’re sought out for advice (perspective), invited to a dinner party (humor), or asked to lead a project (leadership).

Finding ways to use your top strengths with others gives them more of what they love about you! This fosters stronger, more meaningful connections.

If you’re curious how others see you, your Top 5 Report provides insight with descriptions on how other people perceive your greatest strengths.

Boosts Achievement

It feels good to do something well. And since your top strengths come naturally, you are good at expressing them. If you think about the times you’ve been successful at something, chances are, you were using your top strengths. Use this as a reminder of what your strengths make you capable of!

Next time a challenge or opportunity arises, consider how your top strengths have helped you in the past and how they can set you up for success again.

How Can Your Top Strengths Change Your Life?

This is just the beginning of what your top strengths can do for you. Your Top 5 Character Strengths Report dives deep into your 5 most important strengths and what they mean about you as a person. Use the report as a guide to understand your greatest qualities and how to apply them to live your best life.


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