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No Registration Surveys: Global Assessment of Character Strengths-72 (GACS-72), Global Assessment of Character Strengths-24 (GACS-24) and Signature Strengths Survey (SSS)

The Global Assessment of Character Strengths-72 (GACS-72) is a 72-item scale, 3 items per strength, that asks about the degree to which each strength is essential, natural and effortless, and uplifting and energizing for the individual. Researchers can administer all 72 items. Alternatively, any of the three subsets of items can be administered as single-item indicators of the 24 strengths, though we recommend the 24 “natural and effortless” items for this purpose (GACS-24).

The Signature Strengths Survey (SSS) is a 24-item assessment intended to provide a gold standard for the identification of signature strengths. The administration of this assessment is a little complicated, so we recommend you learn more about it in the Technical Report. We have resources available for administering it through our website or for setting it up in a Qualtrics survey.

The GACS-72, GACS-24 and SSS are yours to use without permission. After agreeing that the assessments will only be used for research purposes, you can download and print the GACS-72, GACS-24 and/or SSS and use freely. If you would like to administer the surveys on the VIA website, please click the here to register and complete a Research Submission Form. Please send us copies of any studies published using these assessments.

The Global Assessment of Character Strengths-72, Global Assessment of Character Strengths-24 and the Signature Strengths Survey were designed for research only. To download a copy of the assessments you must check the box below that you agree to the terms.