Mindfulness and Character Strengths


Strong apart, and even stronger together, mindfulness and character strengths, two practices, each historically rooted in philosophy, theology, psychology and other disciplines, harmoniously blend to create a holistic, positive approach to improving well-being and happiness. Mindfulness fosters introspection, giving you an opportunity to explorer who you are, and your character strengths are what you will find. They are the qualities at your core that make you feel authentic, alive and engaged. Applying your character strengths leads to greater personal growth and mindfulness practices catalyze and nurture this journey.

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Video created by Roger Bretherton, PhD, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP)

Mindfulness-Based Strength Practice (MBSP) in an evidence-based program that enhances well-being, improves relationships and helps people manage problems. It integrates mindfulness and character strengths in two ways:

  • Strong mindfulness: using character strengths to improve your meditation and mindful living. 
  • Mindful strengths use: using mindfulness to enhance your strengths awareness, strengths exploration, strengths use, and strengths savvy in situations.

Mindfulness without character strengths is non-substantive; character strengths without mindfulness is directionless. MBSP is designed to help you improve your capacity to fully engage in the present moment and to use and appreciate your best qualities. It was created by Dr. Ryan Niemiec and the VIA Institute. Prior to its final form in the Mindfulness and Character Strengths book, MBSP was piloted in six countries with different populations to expand its applicability across cultures. Due to the success of the book and the annual trainings provided by the VIA Institute, it is estimated that MBSP is being used in over 50 countries.

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This 8-Session Program:

Builds deeper knowledge of the best qualities in people

Cultivates strengths awareness and strengths use

Boosts mindfulness as an always-available approach to use in life

Offers concrete practices to boost happiness and manage stress and difficulties